The Urgency Of The “As We Speak: Rap Music on Trial” Film

HipHopWired sat down and talked with the director and star of the Paramount Plus documentary As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial. One of the more pressing situations affecting Hip-Hop culture and the communities who love it is the persistent weaponization of rap lyrics in criminal cases throughout the United States and abroad. The most vivid example is the current RICO trial being brought against Young Thug by Fulton County prosecutors in Georgia. Sadly, the general public is still unaware of the s

9-Foot Tall Statue Of Biggie Showcased At “Sky’s The Limit: Music Is My Resistance,” Exhibition Celebrates Brooklyn Legend

A new exhibition featuring a now-iconic statue of The Notorious B.I.G. opened to the public in Brooklyn, hoping it will inspire a new generation of artists. Last Thursday (Feb. 15), a new visual art exhibition exploring the Black resistance through music held its opening reception at The Billie Holiday Theatre in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition, Sky’s The Limit: Music Is My Resistance is a celebration of that spirit exemplified in the works of several a

Inside Carnegie Hall's 'Conversation And Celebration' Event

HipHopWired had the opportunity to sit down with the minds behind the impactful Power Network series at Carnegie Hall, which will hold its second annual event next week in New York City (Feb. 13). Black History Month has commenced, and it’s not only a time when there’s a spotlight shone on the past achievements of Black people in the United States, but also a time when more attention is paid to the forging of new movements and conversations within the community. In that spirit, the second insta

A New $5 Million Grant Will Preserve Archives For 29 HBCU Radio Stations

Thanks to a grant, the radio archive material from every Historically Black College and University in the nation’s radio stations will be preserved to guarantee their legacy continues. The community-owned and operated WYSO public radio station announced on Monday (January 28) that it has received a hefty grant of $5 million from the Mellon Foundation in support of its initiative to preserve the archived material of every radio station attached to a Historically Black College or University in th

Dres Talks About Legacy & More In 'The Choice Is Yours' Doc.

Dres of Black Sheep talks at length with HipHopWired in an exclusive interview before the premiere of The Choice Is Yours, a Paramount+ documentary focusing on his career and impending new project with beats by J Dilla. As Hip-Hop is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the stage is set for many in the culture to tell their stories to its legion of fans in various forms. Dres, born Andre Vargas-Titus, one half of the iconic rap duo Black Sheep, is the subject of a new documentary film from Paramou

A platinum-selling artist and elected official talks health and hip-hop, ‘Pac’ and politics

Radio City Music Hall has been the stage for many grand events, and it was no different at the “DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic Live” concert this summer honoring 50 years of hip-hop culture. One element making it more special was the performance of the first hip-hop artist to be elected to public office in the United States. That artist? Newark City Councilman Dupre’ L. Kelly, also known as DoItAll of Newark’s own Lords of The Underground (LOTUG.) I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Co

Jay-Z Ends Debate, Says Take $500K Over Dinner

Jay-Z settled the raging hypothetical debate that has dominated the web, advising folks to take $500,000 instead of having dinner with him. The Hip-Hop icon recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Gayle King for CBS Mornings to air later in the week. During the conversation, King brought up the debate that has become a viral fixture on social media platforms. “If you had a choice between being paid $500,000 in cash or lunch with Jay-Z, which would you choose?”, she asked. “You gotta ta

Which Lauryn Hill will be at the Prudential Center on Oct. 17?

Summer Fridays in the Bronx tend to hit you differently when there’s a special occasion, especially if you’re over by Yankee Stadium. And that was the feeling I had as I emerged from the D train onto River Avenue and 161st Street, greeted by the view of a massive crowd beginning to enter the venue, framed by the bronze and gold of the sunset. It was the 50th anniversary of the day Hip-Hop came to be - August 11, 1973. The day a party for Cindy Campbell was thrown by her brother, Clive “DJ Kool

Against all odds, cricket finds a home in Livingston

A powerful change is taking root in Livingston, thanks to the sport of cricket, the prowess of the Sanskriti Premier League and the South Asian community behind it. You’d be forgiven for not realizing that the United States is currently competing in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier, in Harare, Zimbabwe. Compared to the NFL, the NBA, and Major League Soccer, cricket stateside has been the domain of those Caribbean and South Asian communities who play each weekend inspired by the games an

Love was the message at Newark’s 24 Hours of Peace Festival

As I exited Newark’s Penn Station, “Love Train” by The O’Jays rang through the air, setting the tone for the beginning of “Newark’s 24 Hours of Peace” festival. Upon arriving at the festival site, you could feel that love emanate as strong as the late summer sunlight that framed the scene. People had already begun to pull up their camping chairs and lined the sidewalks along the two-block stretch that the festival occupied on Springfield between Bergen and Blum Streets. The vendors that compri

Black Footwear Designer D’Wayne Edwards & Chris Dixon Discuss ‘A Strong Foundation’

Preeminent footwear designers D’Wayne Edwards and Chris Dixon sit and share what a strong foundation has meant to them and their respective careers. There is nothing like having a purpose rooted in what you want to achieve in life, as well as the impact that you want to have. Dr. D’Wayne Edwards is a renowned Black designer in the footwear industry, with a career of over 32 years with L.A. Gear, Nike, and Jordan Brand as part of his legacy. After retiring, Edwards became the founder and preside

Daddy-O Speaks On The “Stop Self-Destruction” Movement

HipHopWired got the chance to talk to the legendary Daddy-O of Stetsasonic about the new Stop Self-Destruction Movement that he and Chuck D have launched to help the community deal with the rising issues of drug use and gun violence. An unfortunate fact as Hip-Hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, is that the ills of violence and substance abuse still claw at the community. The deaths of rappers such as Young Dolph and Takeoff have lent emphasis to the situation. In the past, Hip-Hop banded toge

‘Godfather Of Harlem’: Jason Alan Carvell Talks Playing “Monumental” Role Of Malcolm X

Godfather of Harlem star Jason Alan Carvell sat down for an exclusive interview with CASSIUS to talk about his experience portraying Malcolm X and the heartfelt connection he’s enjoyed with the cast ahead of the climactic season finale. The latest season of the historical drama Godfather of Harlem has had audiences on the edge of their seats. Tensions have risen for Bumpy Johnson (Forest Whitaker) on the business and the home front and more so for his sworn brother, Malcolm X. Surviving assassi

Black Enterprise Deferred: The Triumph and Defeat of Chicago’s First Black Banking Mogul —

As many across the United States have and continue to turn out in protests against police brutality and systemic violence against Black people, one can’t help but notice that they’ve rejuvenated a movement that demands accountability for how Black-owned businesses have been neglected and greater equity for these businesses. The fact that the coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent and affecting Black people is an added impetus for these actions, especially when it comes to those Black business o

5 Outstanding Outdoor Furniture Pieces You Can Buy From Etsy

When temperatures start to rise, you know what that means? It’s time to get cracking on planning some absolutely fabulous parties in your yard. But as is the case with outdoor furniture, you may have some pieces that lost their luster around the same time that Mariah Carey’s voice did, too.. If you pride yourself on hosting great parties, you want outdoor furniture that not only declares your personal style, but announces it with flair. With that in mind, Etsy just might be the shopping destina

How to Tastefully Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

People look forward to the onset of fall and winter for a variety of different reasons. For some, it’s the beginning of football season and tailgates, while others see it as the hallmark of another season. A season where you can shine — the holiday season. This amount of time allows you to really let your creative design tendencies flourish as you decorate your home to your heart’s desire. There is, however, one pitfall that can occur and that is to have your decorations display that is put tog

Exclusive: Forest Whitaker On ‘Godfather Of Harlem’ And Bumpy Johnson’s New Path

The latest season of the hit drama series Godfather of Harlem will premiere this weekend. Lead actor and executive producer Forest Whitaker shares his insight on the show. The life of Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson has become one of a legend. With Godfather of Harlem starring Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker as the crime lord, that life is fleshed out in vivid and gripping fashion. The show captures Johnson returning home to his beloved Harlem, New York in the early 1960s after 10 years in prison

Digging Into UK Hip-Hop Inspired ‘Jungle’ Series With Creators Junior Okoli & Chas Appeti

Jungle, the new drama series premiering this week on Prime Video, vividly showcases U.K. Hip-Hop and London street life in a new and unique aura. Hip-Hop Wired got the chance to interview the duo behind the project. As Hip-Hop further becomes a more embedded part of global culture, storytellers are utilizing it to create new projects that will redefine and shape complex narratives reflecting urban life. The United Kingdom is no different, with Netflix’s Top Boy as a recent example. A new series
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