5 tips for successful teamwork across time zones —

1. Collaborate on your schedules. The belief by many is that working remotely, whether from home or from a co-working space, gives someone a lot more flexibility especially if they are hours ahead or behind of other coworkers. However, it is imperative to make sure that your schedule can align with that of your fellow employees in other time zones to give everyone an optimal level of communication. Set up specific times each week for any meetings that work for everyone. When an official time zo

The Ever Expanding Scene Of Chicago's CBD Cuisine

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has increasingly carved out a space in the wellness routine of today’s American society. The present market for CBD, which according to reports from the Canadian investment group Cannacord Gennuity could see earnings of up to $600 million by 2023, is expanding to include a wide variety of items and services. Among one of the more popular arms of expansion is into cuisine, which has begun to lean toward CBD as opposed to only THC rich cannabis products alone.

Shattering Orientalism Through Noir: Samuel Fuller's 'House of Bamboo'

The gritty and hard-nosed film noir genre is rife with actors and directors that helped to not only change conversations about American cinema, but also the nation’s consciousness. It can be said without overstatement that one of those figures is the maverick director Samuel Fuller. His life and work is all about battles, influenced by his time as the youngest reporter at the New York Journal and his time in the European theater of World War II. For him, the biggest battle in making movies was t

What Homeowners Should Know About Eminent Domain | NewHomeSource

The issue of eminent domain has come up more and more within the past decade in urban areas and suburban enclaves across the United States. Eminent domain can be an overwhelming topic for those who aren’t familiar with it. But it is something homeowners should learn about, if only to remove some concerns and to be better prepared in case of a claim. Eminent domain is essentially a legal power exercised by government (federal, state or local) to acquire private property, as long as it is dee

The King of Crenshaw

How the murder of rapper/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle has affected many — and possibly represents a breaking point. “Look, young rich nigga shit, pops was an immigrant Lifestyle ill legit, but know I own businesses Started out the trunk, ended up at the dealership All gold Rollie, black face no blemishes” - “Black Face”, Nipsey Hussle w/Childish Gambino It’s 12:20 A.M. A little more than twenty-four hours after I, like many others around the globe got the word of the senseless murder of Nips

Could NYC Bodegas Help Solve Cannabis' Diversity Problem?

An iconic part of the landscape of New York City, with a place in the hearts of visitors and natives alike, the bodega is an adventure land that sells food, lotto, and beer on a 24-hour basis. Now, they’re aiming to be your go-to for some sweet ganja, once New York State finally goes legal. Last Sunday, representatives of the United Bodegas of America (UBA) held a press conference in front of Anthony’s Mini Market in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx, where they stated their case. They urge

The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Graphics

Businesses across the globe have relied on their windows to attract customers. And, with window graphics products evolving to meet the times, they remain a highly compelling and affordable way to welcome new and repeat customers. Because window graphics products vary based on several factors, here are some guidelines to consider when creating and applying them. First, it’s important to choose the right kind of window graphics, based on two criteria: how the business wants to attract custome

What Are The Michelin Stars?

You might have heard of them in passing, or perhaps you’ve caught them being mentioned at the drop of a hat on any of the dozens food shows. Or even still, you might’ve seen them featured in critics’ write-ups in print form and on the web. But to a good deal of people, the question is still in play - what exactly are the Michelin Stars? To answer that question, this article will take you into the history of the company that made this distinction a highly coveted one in the culinary world -

8 Unique Foods to Try at Brooklyn's Brand New Market Hall

When you picture Brooklyn, there are many things that come to mind — especially when it comes to food. The borough’s culinary scene, boosted by the presence of the highly popular food festival, Smorgasburg, has a new addition in the Dekalb Market Hall. The recently opened food hall is the foundation of the sleek Citypoint Shopping Center right on the Fulton Street Mall in downtown Brooklyn. There are around 40 vendors offering a vast array of delectable eats from the borough’s standout bistros a