Black Enterprise Deferred: The Triumph and Defeat of Chicago’s First Black Banking Mogul —

As many across the United States have and continue to turn out in protests against police brutality and systemic violence against Black people, one can’t help but notice that they’ve rejuvenated a movement that demands accountability for how Black-owned businesses have been neglected and greater equity for these businesses. The fact that the coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent and affecting Black people is an added impetus for these actions, especially when it comes to those Black business o

Exclusive: Forest Whitaker On ‘Godfather Of Harlem’ And Bumpy Johnson’s New Path

The latest season of the hit drama series Godfather of Harlem will premiere this weekend. Lead actor and executive producer Forest Whitaker shares his insight on the show. The life of Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson has become one of a legend. With Godfather of Harlem starring Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker as the crime lord, that life is fleshed out in vivid and gripping fashion. The show captures Johnson returning home to his beloved Harlem, New York in the early 1960s after 10 years in prison

Digging Into UK Hip-Hop Inspired ‘Jungle’ Series With Creators Junior Okoli & Chas Appeti

Jungle, the new drama series premiering this week on Prime Video, vividly showcases U.K. Hip-Hop and London street life in a new and unique aura. Hip-Hop Wired got the chance to interview the duo behind the project. As Hip-Hop further becomes a more embedded part of global culture, storytellers are utilizing it to create new projects that will redefine and shape complex narratives reflecting urban life. The United Kingdom is no different, with Netflix’s Top Boy as a recent example. A new series

EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J Keeps “Everything Fly” And Real In TV One’s ‘Uncensored’

Acclaimed producer, songwriter, and popular television personality Stevie J is the subject of the latest episode of the TVOne series Uncensored and sat down for an exclusive interview before the episode’s premiere. Via TVOne’s Uncensored series, which gives celebrities and entertainers the chance to talk about their lives and careers in an unfettered fashion, begins its new season, the next episode is sure to get social media and everyone else talking.

I Tried Cooking From Chef Bryant Terry's 'Black Food' And It Tasted Like Home

With Black Food, the new cookbook edited by acclaimed vegan chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry, you have a veritable compendium of the Black diaspora in all its hues and dimensions. Every aspect of the book pops with vibrant energy, with recipes from all the foodways across the globe alongside heartfelt essays that cover ideas of rest, family, heritage, and defining and redefining one's identity.

Draught Season Presents “Beer Is Black History” Capsule Collection

February is Black History Month, and one lifestyle brand dedicated to toasting the history of Black beermaking is celebrating by debuting a new capsule collection honoring that legacy. Source: Fulani Jabri / Draught SeasonAs HM continues, it is a time where many are set upon enriching the community and others about all that Black people have and still contribute to society. In recent years, that has extended to the world of craft beer. The lifestyle craft beer brand Draught Season has stepped u

5 of Sidney Poitier’s Legendary Acting Roles

The groundbreaking actor Sir Sidney Poitier, whose movie roles helped redefine the Black presence and experience in motion pictures from the 1950s and onward, has died at the age of 94. The Bahamian-American icon leaves behind a legacy of skilled acting performances on the stage and screen, having won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1963 for his role in Lilies Of The Field. Here, we cover five of his on-screen appearances that you should watch again in his memory. Poitier reprised his cri

Leave The Horse Paste Alone: A Quick Ivermectin Explainer

Ivermectin is dominating the headlines these days, with contorversial podcast host Joe Rogan claiming that he used it in a cocktail of drugs when he found out he had COVID-19 among others who’ve been buying up boxes of the stuff. This mass of people spurred on by right-wing figures and conspiracy theorists have chosen to take it as opposed to the free, tested and vetted vaccines that have been available. For those who don’t fully know what Ivermectin is, here’s a quick explainer for clarity. W

‘Cotton Comes to Harlem’ – The Neo-Noir That Black America Needed

At first blush, Cotton Comes to Harlem may not seem like a traditional noir production. But over time, the 1970 film has become one of the most vivid examples of the genre being inclusive. And it came right on time for those who were Black in America to see another side of their world represented in such a bold way. Cotton Comes to Harlem, inspired by the book of the same name by famed Black author and expatriate Chester Himes, starts out with a rally held in Harlem by Reverend Deke O’Malley

Neighborhood Watch Goes Rogue: The Trouble With Nextdoor and Citizen

In 2013, online sleuths combing through publicly available photos and videos of the Boston Marathon bombing locked in on potential suspects, including a high school track star and his coach, who landed on the cover of The New York Post. The allegations ripped through 4chan, Reddit, and other forums. One problem: these citizens detectives were wrong, and their wild speculation prompted the FBI to release details about the actual suspects, “in part to limit the damage being done to people who wer

J. Rhodes’ Hip-Hop Musical ‘It’s A Wonderful Plight’ Aims To Shake Up Audiences

A year after the unrest of 2020, there’s many who are wondering where all those allies that popped up back then are now. A new film that’s the brainchild of an award-winning producer looks to answer that question. J. Rhodes (born Justin Rhodes), whose musical production work includes teaming up with Dr. Dre, Black Thought, Rick Ross and many more is the main force behind the film It’s A Wonderful Plight. The film is billed as a Hip-Hop musical that focuses on a young white man in Dallas, Texas

5 Incidents of Black People Dying By Police Violence After George Floyd

Today (May 25), marks one full year since the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by former police officer Derek Chauvin. The death, which was captured on smartphone video sparked a wave of shock and outrage—but wouldn’t prevent more Black people from dying senselessly at the hands of police. Floyd’s murder would motivate millions to take to the streets despite the dangers still present from the COVID-19 pandemic that gripped the world to say enough was enough. Chauvin wo

The 7 best facial shaving soaps, and why I prefer them over shaving cream every time

If your skin is on the dryer side, you may want to swap in your shaving foam for a shaving soap. To start with, the right soap will help your razor move cleanly across your face with enough protective lubrication for the skin and the whiskers you're getting rid of. You also don't want to lose the moisture that's already in your skin during shaving, as that will lead to irritation and increase the likelihood of pseudofolliculitis barbae, or razor bumps. For those with sensitive skin (like myself)

Where’s The 40 Acres & A Mule We’re Owed? – A Timeline of The Fight for Reparations

Last month, the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives took the highly significant first step of advancing House Resolution 40 by voting it out for full review by the entire House of Representatives. H.R. 40 is a bill that would put together a committee to explore the systemic effects of slavery on those African-American descendants and to detail how these people would receive reparations. This is the latest chapter in a journey for Black citizens of the United States that has gain

How ‘Babylon’ Fought Oppression To Remain A Bridge For Caribbean Cinema —

The experience of being Black and Caribbean in Britain is rich and complex. Seeing these stories on the motion picture screen created and conveyed by the community has not been without its challenges. The recent successes of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology of films for Amazon is the latest to display this multitude of narratives, with Lovers Rock being prominent for its depiction of the reggae scene in 1980’s London. This wouldn’t have been realized without other films paving the way. One st

Let's Talk: How to Make Clubhouse a Safer and More Accessible Place to Chat

Clubhouse is the latest social media platform of the moment. Launched in March 2020 as an invite-only iPhone app, the audio-based chat service has slowly expanded its reach, attracting the attention of Silicon Valley types, influencers, and celebs alike. It’s early days; the app isn’t even available on Android yet. But developers are already grappling with how to prevent and monitor abuse on the platform, something that has vexed even the largest social media services. As the company said in Oc

Microphone Check 1, 2 What Is This?: Phife Dawg’s Best Verses

Five years ago on this date, (March 22nd), the world of Hip-Hop lost one of its most enigmatic and lyrically versatile MC’s when it was announced that Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor) , one-fourth of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest passed away due to complications from diabetes at his home in San Francisco. Proudly representing the borough of Queens, New York, Phife Dawg had a few nicknames that spoke to his flawless capability as an MC, but the “Five Foot Assassin” tag was a calling card and a pr

365 Days Later: Keeping Your Head Up Under The Continuing COVID-19 Pandemic

This past weekend marked one full year since the COVID-19 pandemic firmly took hold in the United States. When it hit New York City hard, like millions, I felt the weight of it all on my shoulders—personally and professionally. Work prospects as a freelance writer seemed like they’d be slim as two websites I worked for let me go. As elders were immediately susceptible to the virus, I was scared for my mother’s health and safety as her caregiver. A year later, with over 500,000 souls who are no
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